declining population

Planting in the field; Abut for breeding should be mature or older (parent tree has been harvested 3-4 times), abut 2-5 kg ​​weight, stump or buttresses form of “L”. Sago is one of the commodity crops that can be used as a potential source of Betklik99 Agen Bola Terpercaya Piala Dunia 2014 carbohydrates in Indonesia, particularly in eastern Indonesia which basically until now has not been used optimally. Judging from keanekaragamaan and authenticity stating many sago from Maluku and Irian Jaya as can be found with sago forests are manifold. There are thorny sago long and there were not spiked. Jakson in Tan (1997) states that only a limited spread of sago in the Southeast Asian region. Producing countries known sago limited to Indonesia, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea.
Sago as a source of carbohydrates have a very important role in many fields, although currently still evolving role of traditional sago and limited. In Indonesia strongly supports the role of sago implementation of Presidential Instruction No 20 of 1979 regarding business diversification, because sago in Indonesia in addition to high production potential, sago great opportunity to be used as a preferred food community. With high food technology sago possible as food is delicious and highly nutritious. Coupled with relatively the same calorie content calorie dried corn or rice milled, even expressed much higher than the calories contained by cassava or potatoes, so that sago can be used as one of the food commodities that can address the challenges of increasing national food needs in the future.
Besides, as a staple food, sago is also consumed as a complementary foods such as sago slabs, sinali, bagea and others. In general, the food is produced in small-scale industries. Even in western Java itself simply leaves are used as roofing material. The technology used in the processing of sago starch in Indonesia is still largely traditional and a few that use mechanical means. Sago processing is performed in the new industrial areas such as Jambi, Riau and South Sumatra. Production to meet demand in the domestic market and exported in limited quantities.
Sago cultivation in Indonesia on umumya still primitive or can be said to be still grows wild, especially in Papua. There are still many farmers sago sago cultivation techniques have not implemented such techniques other plantation crops. Sago in

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Indonesia still requires intensive farming techniques.
In the development of a type of plant in Indonesia, the approach used is a nutritional approach. In addition to the procurement effort along with carbohydrate to carbohydrate procurement efforts also produced other nutritional elements. Carbohydrates derived from plants producing carbohydrates, while proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals can be taken from other sources. In the sago development as a source of carbohydrate, more precisely with the menu approach despite low protein content can be replaced by eating other food sources. Given is a plant sago swamps then serves as a producer of fish, in addition to the sago also play a role in the intensification of land use where the land is overgrown land sago other commodities are not able to grow well and productive. Given the conversion of agricultural land is increasingly higher development.
Not limited to the field of food, most of which sago grows naturally are multifunctional for human life, but the plant has not been considered by the government and people of Indonesia, there is a tendency even declining population. On one side of the starch contained in the sago trunk can be used as a potential food ingredient, on the other hand is also used as raw material for agro-industries. In addition, sago plants can beperan as environmental safety as it can absorb CO2 emissions transmitted from swamps and peat lands into the air. Emissions of CO2 and NH4 are transmitted into the air varies from 25-200 mg / m 2 / h (Boss and Plassche 2003). The presence of sago forest stands, which are transmitted into the air gases will be reduced because of the CO2 used for photosynthesis.

God assures this in His words

God assures this in His words, “And do not marry polytheistic women until they believe. Verily a believing slave woman is better than a woman polytheists, even though she Agen Judi Poker Online Terpercaya Indonesia pulls your heart. And do not marry idolaters (with the believer women) before they believe. Truly believing slave is better than the idolaters, even if he impress you. They invite to the Fire, but Allah invites to Paradise and forgiveness by His leave. And Allah explains His verses (His commandments) to mankind that they may take heed. “(Al-Baqarah: 221)

02. Because understanding of the religion and practice it

There are many things that make a man love a woman. There are as kemolekannya alone. There is also because of their social status. Not a few men marry the woman because she was rich. But, said the Prophet is the lucky man who gets a woman who faqih in religious affairs. That’s a woman’s dream that righteous man.
From Abu Hurairah, the Messenger of Allah. said, “Women married for four cases: because of his wealth, offspring, her beauty, and her religion. So, take a woman who has a religion (female shalihah), you will be lucky. “(Bukhari and Muslim)
Prophet. also asserted, “The world is jewelry, and jewelry is the world’s most well shalihah woman.” (Muslim, Ibn Majah, and Nasa’i).
So, not only men of understanding who does not love women shalihah.

03. Of good offspring

Prophet. warned the righteous man not to marry native women. "Stay away from the green grass of garbage!" They asked, "Is the grass green bins, O Messenger of Allah?" The Prophet replied, "A good woman but living in a bad place." (Daruquthni, Askari, and Ibn ‘Adi)
Because the Prophet. provide guidance to the faithful men to be selective in seeking a wife. Not only should look for a woman who lived in a good place, but also have an uncle and brothers are good quality. "Choose the best for you germ-germ, and marry people who are worth (the women) and marry (your women) to them (the male equivalent)," said the Prophet. (Ibn Majah, Daruquthni, Hakim, and Bayhaqi).

"Look for places that are good Agen Judi Poker dan Domino Uang Asli Indonesia

enough for your seed, because it may resemble a man her uncles,” so the command of the Prophet. again. "Marry in the" room "that is righteous, because the temperament of the parents (offspring) was decreased to a child." (Ibn ‘Adi)
Therefore, Uthman ibn Abi al-‘Ash Ats-Thaqafi advise their children to choose a good seed and avoid the ugly offspring. "O my son, the married man is like a plant. But let someone see the first place planting. The ugly offspring rarely spawned (child), then choose a good albeit a bit long. ”

04. Still girls

Anyone know, the girl who has never been married still has the properties of a natural woman. Full of shame, in the language and speak sweet, spoiled, scared betrayed, and there was never any feeling in his bond. The love of a girl is more pure because it is never shared with anyone else, except her husband.
Because of this, the Messenger of Allah. advocate married to the girl. "Let the girl you marry, because they are more sweet-spoken, much easier to have offspring, a little more room and a little more receptive," so word of the Prophet narrated by Ibn Majah and Bayhaqi.


Fertilization is done one time in
Agen Judi Bolathe maintenance process , ie by Nasa in the form of organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizers TON regular basis in pakai.Lalu leave for 7 days .
Fertilization is done before the fish entered into the pool .

3 . feeding

The main meal of carp in the form of pellets . How to use peletnya in the product mix in the form VITERNA nasa NASA POC + + Hormonik .
It could also be added in the form of alternative foods such as papaya leaves , cassava , taro , velvetleaf , purse , kale , cucumber , sweet potato , pumpkin and dadap .

4 . maintenance Swimming

After harvest, clean the pool drained manner .
Then do the usual fertilizer with added products in the form of a TON nasa useful to keep the pond fertility , so if the seed is spread natural food will be guaranteed and fish growth will be faster .

LigaTaruhan Agen Bola, Agen Sbobet, Agen Ibcbet, Agen 338A TerpercayaD. Harvest

For seed harvesting is done after the age of 1 month . The trick surutkan little water , attach the soft mesh at the exit to accommodate the seed or make a trench in the middle of the pond leading to the exit hole . Seedlings were maintained well can weigh up to 0.3 g / fish when harvested .
To harvest an enlarged depending on consumer demand . The arrest was made in the morning by way of venting water .

E. Post-Harvest

Transportation carp have to be careful . Not infrequently the case of dead fish at the destination as a result of transport , such as high density and suddenly done without any adjustment process . Cautions regarding the transportation condition of the fish must be fresh .
Transport of seed to a size of 5 cm still require oxygen . Therefore , the additional breathing apparatus ( labyrinth ) is not fully formed .
Seed density adjusted the size and location of delivery . For delivery short distance ( 25 km ) or for 1 hour , the number of seeds can be propagated . Another case when the destination location relatifjauh ( 100 km ) seed should not be too dense . Problems will arise if the carp are transported consumption size is too dense . Fin or gill cover spines hurt each other so that the fish will be stressed , and tilapia cultivation by utilizing yard if done right can generate a profit . As we know , tilapia is a fish that is already popular and has also been popular in the community , almost everyone has already seen what is and what was tilapia . Tilapia to be one popular choice , especially for fans of freshwater fish . If you stay away from the coast , would get sea fish is not easy . In addition, not all areas can obtain fish with ease , now one of the alternatives is a freshwater fish . Tilapia has a high nutritional value and is also a type of fish that is easy to maintain.

Tilapia fish farming can be done in the yard , using tarps media . This method is very cheap and easy to do . Can also be used as an alternative for the cultivation of fish other than tilapia , such as catfish , carp , or even ornamental fish . Both beginner or already a professional fish breeder can try to tilapia farming using tarps media .
Making an indigo sheeting is also not too complicated , and of course the cost is cheaper when compared to a pool that is created using concrete ( permanent pool ) .

Here’s how to make a pond for tilapia farming using tarps

ingredients :

Tarpaulins ( size according to your liking )
Brick / Brick Red
Catfish is a freshwater fish consumption
LigaTaruhan Agen Bola, Agen Sbobet, Agen Ibcbet, Agen 338A Terpercaya, long-bodied white silver with bluish backs . Catfish known as commodity bright prospect , because it has a high selling price . This is why catfish attention and interest by entrepreneurs to cultivate them . This fish is quite responsive to supplemental feeding . How Raising Catfish in six months catfish can reach a length of 35-40 cm . As Pangasidae family , this fish does not require flowing water for ” membongsorkan ” body . In the waters do not flow with lower levels of oxygen content already qualified for raising these fish . Long-bodied catfish for local fresh fish sizes , colors such as silver white , bluish backs . Head catfish is relatively small , the mouth is located at the head end rather on the bottom ( a hallmark of class catfish ) . At the corner of his mouth there are two pairs of short whiskers that serve as a feeler .

How Raising Catfish

Catfish breeding numerous in Lampung , South Sumatra , West Java , Kalimantan .

3 . TYPE
Catfish classification is as follows :
Order : Ostarioplaysi .
Suborder : Siluriodea .
Family: Pangasidae .
Genus : Pangasius .
Species : Pangasius pangasius Ham . Buch .

Relatives catfish in Indonesia there are quite a lot , including :

Pangasius polyuranodo ( fish juaro )
LigaTaruhan Agen Bola, Agen Sbobet, Agen Ibcbet, Agen 338A Terpercayamacronema
Pangasius micronemus
Pangasius nasutus
Pangasius nieuwenhuisii

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